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Samsung LN-T42H Series

Samsung LN-T3742H | LN-T42H SeriesThe Samsung LN-T42H series is Samsung’s current entry-level LCD HDTV line, which come in five different sizes. From the smallest to the biggest, the 23-inch LN-T2342H, 26 inch LN-T2642H, 32-inch LN-T3242H, 40-inch LN-T4042H and the largest, 46-inch LN-T4642H.
All sets give you typically what you would expect from a good brand name LCD manufacturer, giving you a native resolution of 1,366×768 pixels for 720p and 1080i HD formats. All LN-T42H models have a great look with a black gloss finish, and side mounded speakers, and great features such as a 4000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and fast 8ms response time, for brilliant colors, deep blacks and sharp image quality.

Samsung LN-T2342H, LN-T2642H, LN-T3242H, LN-T4042H, LN-T4642H

The LN-T42H Series also include a few extras which you would not normally receive on an entry level set, such as picture in picture display, two HDMI inputs on the sets smaller than 32-inch, and a third on the front panel, plus a swivel stand on sets 32-inch and larger.

Samsung LN-T3742H | LN-T42H Series

  • Samsung LN-T2342H
  • Samsung LN-T2642H
  • Samsung LN-T3242H
  • Samsung LN-T4042H
  • Samsung LN-T4642H