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Samsung LN-S3251D Reviewed

Samsung LN-S3251DIf you are looking for a great 32-inch LCD HDTV at a great price from a well known brand, you should check out the Samsung LN-S3251D. It’s very clear than many other people have, and bought the LN-S3251D as it is the most popular HDTV sold through pricegrabber. The Samsung LNS3251D has a very attractive and modern look which should appeal to almost everyone out there, a 1366×768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats delivering a great image at 4,000:1 contrast ratio and deep black levels.
User reviews of the LN-S3251D have been very positive showing many happy owners, Cnet and PC world have reviewed the 32-inch Samsung, where they say, the LN-S3251D has two HDMI inputs, one set of component ports, and two S-Video inputs. This dark scene also revealed the Samsung’s solid brightness uniformity across the screen; unlike many LCDs, its edges didn’t appear too much brighter than the middle, although there was still some variation, especially on the lower corners.

The Samsung LN-S3251D delivered very good picture quality, especially for a smaller LCD, and its superb design, solid feature set, and complete connectivity also sweeten the deal.