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Samsung LED

Samsung LED is the collective name Samsung have given to their new LED LCD HDTVs for 2009. Many of the new LCD HDTVs from Samsung feature LED backlighting as opposed the the standard CCFL lighting, hence the marketing name “Samsung LED”.

Using LEDs over the standard CCFLs have a number of advantages. Firstly, they are consumer less power, and in turn, reduce your electricity bill. Secondly , they take up less room, which enabled the new Samsung HDTVs to be remarkably thin. And thirdly, they produce better quality images with higher contrast ratios.

The Samsung LED range consists of the Samsung B6000, B7000, B8000, and the newly announced B9000 series. You can view a full rundown of the new Samsung LED range here.

The Samsung B6000 to the B8000 series feature an LED Edge lit system, which lights up the whole screen equally from LEDs around the panel, which enables excellent image quality, and very slim HDTVs.

Samsung 7000 Series

The very top of the range, the Samsung B9000 series, uses LED backlighting with local dimming. This improves the contrast ratio even further, by dimming specific areas of the LEDs, depending on the current image shown. Enabling the HDTV to achieve even deeper black levels and improved contrasts.

The Samsung LED HDTVs are known by different names in the US and in Europe, please see below.

US Models

Samsung 6000 Series | UN40B6000, UN46B6000, UN55B6000
Samsung 7000 Series | UN40B7000, UN46B7000, UN55B7000
Samsung 8000 Series | Samsung UN46B8000, UN55B8000
Samsung 9000 Series | UN46B9000, UN55B9000

European Models
Samsung 6000 Series | UE40B6000, UE46B6000, UE55B6000
Samsung 7000 Series | Samsung UE40B7000, UE46B7000, UE55B7000
Samsung 8000 Series | Samsung UE46B8000, UE55B8000
Samsung B9000 Series | UE46B9000, UE55B9000