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Samsung LE55A956 Reviewed

samsung le55a956A few months ago we wrote about the 55-inch Samsung LE55A956 and it’s smaller 46-inch brother, the LE46A956 when Samsung announced it at this years IFA. The LE55A956 is from Samsung’s Series 9 (A956) range, meaning it’s one of their highest-end models, with features such as LED backlighting.

Roughly a year ago Samsung released their first LCD backlit HDTV which pushed the image quality of LCD HDTVs one step further with it’s extremely impressive black levels and contrast ratios. Unfortunately, it also had it’s draw backs, mostly it’s high price. But with the Samsung LE55A956, which features Samsung’s very latest LCD backlighting and less painful price, things are looking much better.

samsung le55a956

The Samsung LE55A956 boasts a staggering 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, vastly helped by the LED backlight, to produce very deep blacks and colors.

Featuring a very highend look and stylish finish, the LE55A956 certainly fit’s it’s flagship standard. With a very healthy selection of 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs, component, 2x scart, USB 2.0 and Ethernet for live news and updates via the Internet. TrustedReviews said, its apparent very quickly from watching the LE55A956 in action that there really is something quite special going on with the set’s contrast.  We find some remarkably deep black levels sitting right alongside exceptionally bright, vibrant colours and dynamic peak whites. I really have no option but to say that the LE55A956 delivers the single most dynamic picture we’ve ever seen on an HDTV.