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Samsung LE52F96BD Reviewed

Sharp LE52F96BDThere have been a number of highly anticipated HDTVs this year, and the Samsung LE52F96BD is well up there. The 52-inch Samsung LE-52F96BD is from the Samsung F96 series, which features LED Backlighting to create a stunning contrast ratio of 500,000:1, much higher than the standard 4,000-16,000:1 ratings we normally see in standard CCFL backlit HDTVs.

The major advantage the LE52F96BD has with it’s LED lighting system is that is can use it’s LED grid system to illuminate some areas of the screen more than others to provide us with deeper blacks and more vibrant colours, while using less power than other lighting systems. The LE52F96BD features a Full HD 1080p LCD screen with 10-bit video processing for enhanced colours, and 100 Hz LED Motion Plus for smooth panning and motion blur free images.

Inputs include three HDMI 1.3 inputs, 2x scart, component, VGA PC input, CAM slot, USB2.0 and the usual A/V connections with full support for 1080p/24p and 1:1 pixel mapping.  TrustedReviews say,  the LED light source seems to produce markedly richer colours than we’re used to seeing from LCD TVs. The Samsung LE52F96BD has to be one of the finest technology debuts ever in this reviewer’s humble opinion, raising the very real prospect that one day LED backlighting just might become the default system of choice for the LCD industry as a whole.