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Samsung LE46A756 Reviewed

Samsung LE-46A750The Samsung LE46A756 is the middle sized model from the Samsung A756 / Series 7, featuring a 46-inch LCD panel.

Right away the LE46A756  distinguishes its self from other HDTVs out there by it’s “touch of color” design.  With a very appealing dark red crystal design bezel. The Samsung LE-46A756 is after all one of Samsung’s highend models, and the design certainly give that impression.

With a few extra features than we are used to seeing, the LE46A756 has an Ethernet port, which enables you to connect it to your router to access a special Internet portal. This enables you to receive live information such as news headlines, stock information and weather. Along with this new feature, the Samsung LE46A756 also has a “Content Library” which contains pre-loaded media, which includes photos (can be used for screensavers), cooking recipes, exercise routines, and even some basic games.

Samsung LE46A750

The 46-inch LCD has a full HD 1080p resolution with a very high contrast ratio of 70,000:1 for impressive blacks and colors, 100Hz Motion Plus for reducing motion blur and DNIe Pro engine for image enhancement. TrustedReviews say, The LE46A756′s lovely design proves to be an entirely appropriate portal into a world of LCD picture quality that’s up there with the very best we’ve seen. What’s more, the set’s feature count is as prodigious as it is groundbreaking. With a very reasonale price tag.