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Samsung LE40A856 Reviewed

samsung le40a856The 40-inch Samsung LE40A856 has to be one of the most stylish HDTVs to have been released recently. The Samsung LE40A856 has a full HD / 1080p LCD panel with a very slim 8cm thickness. With a very thin bezel (frame) the 40-inch HDTV takes less space than some other sets, resulting in a great design.

The LCD panel in the Samsung LE-40A856 has a very high dynamic contrast ratio of 70,000:1 for deep black levels and impressive colours. To improve motion handling and to reduce image judder during panning scenes the LE40A856 features 120Hz / 100Hz high frame rate technology, which increases the amount of frames shown, to fill in the gaps in the images, which normally result in the annoying juddering effect. Motion blur during high motion scenes are also helped by this technology.

samsung le40a856

Connectivity is also good with 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs, PC VGA in and a host of others. Cnet UK gave the Samsung LE40A856 eight out of 10, and said Blu-ray material looks great, the 24p support this HDTV offers to compatible players really means the picture looks wonderfully stable. There is very little motion blur. The picture is good, and at times excellent, and we love the styling despite the red colour. Performance is strong for the most part, and we think everyone who takes one of these home will be very happy.