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Samsung LE37R87BD Reviewed

Samsung LE37R87BDThe Samsung LE37R87BD is currently the best setting LCD / Plasma HDTV in England, and for very good reasons. The LE37R87BD is a 37-inch LCD HDTV which places it’s self right in the middle of the most popular sizes, it’s not a massive screen which will take over your whole room, nor is it in anyway small.

The 37-inch Samsung LE37R87BD (LE-37R87BD) has a very nice black gloss finish with subtle curves around the large LCD screen, which offers a 16:9 widescreen ratio with a high 8000:1 contrast ratio which offers great colours and decent black levels. The LE37R87BD offers a healthy selection of three HDMI inputs, and also a VGA PC input for computer connection.

The Samsung LE37R87BD is priced at a very completive price of around £650 (check for best prices below), and we can see it’s appeal. It also offers DNIe for improved image quality, a dedicated Game Mode, 2x scart inputs, and Movie Plus modes. Cnet say, the LE-37R87 also grabs our attention with its colours, which are blisteringly bright and vivid, but also portray more natural tones. HD footage has exceptional sharpness, so much so that you can even make out the weave in Superman’s fancy suit.