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Samsung LE32B650 Reviewed

Samsung LE32B650The Samsung LE32B650 is one of Samsung’s latest 32-inch LCD HDTVs for 2009 from the Series 6 650 range.

Many great HDTVs from Samsung this year have been over shadowed by their latest top of the range LED backlit models. But the Samsung LE32B650 should not be forgotten about.

The 32-inch LE32B650 has a full HD / 1080p LCD panel with 24p support and 100hz Motionplus technology to keep the images sharp and motion judder free. Typical of the new Samsung models, the LE32B650 has a very attractive design.

Along with 100Hz technology, the 32-inch Samsung also features some of the very latest technology, such as Internet TV, which allows you to view YouTube video and much more without the need of a PC.

Samsung LE32B650

USB 2.0 Movie / Medi@2.0 enables media playback from a USB device, playing back many audio and video formats, including MKV files. TrustedReviews looked at the Samsung LE32B650, giving it ten out of ten for value, and nine out of ten for design, image quality and overall.

They said, the ace in the Samsung LE32B650′s hand is its black level response. Samsung has managed to produce some of the deepest, richest black tones on the 32B650 that I’ve seen on any LCD HDTV. It looks beautiful, its pictures are outstanding, and its feature count is remarkably expansive – especially when you consider that you can get one for just over £600.