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Samsung LE32A558 Reviewed

Samsung LE32A558The Samsung LE32A558 is a great looking and rather interesting LCD HDTV. As you probably know, HDTVs come in two different screen resolutions, 720p, and 1080p aka Full HD. Full HD offers the highest resolution, and is normally only found on large HDTVs of 40-inches and more, and cost more.

Samsung have done something a little different with the 32-inch Samsung LE32A558, by giving it a full HD / 1080p LCD panel. Most other manufacturers have stuck to only uses this higher resolution panels on their larger models. Some say that at 32-inches, the extra resolution won’t make much difference in image quality, but the opinion is debatable.

As well as having a Full HD resolution the 32-inch HDTV looks very stylish and sleek, with a nice slim glossy frame.  With a dynamic contrast ratio of 15,000:1 for deep blacks and vivid colors, Movie Plus, and DNIe + image processing the LE32A558 packs some impressive features.

Samsung LE32A558

What is also very impressive about the Samsung LE32A558 is it’s price, currently costing just over £500.  This looks like a great deal for such a stylish and feature packed 1080p LCD HDTV.

1080p is also the native resolution that blu-ray movies are encoded at, so if you want to watch them in their purest form a 1080p HDTV is your best option.  If you’re looking for the very best resolution and image quality, but don’t want a very large HDTV of 40-inches or more the Samsung LE32A558 should suit you very well. Cnet reviewed theLE32A558 and said, HD sources are reproduced with extensive detail and sharpness, and colours look vibrant but naturally toned, even if you happen to be watching from quite a wide angle. This latter talent is a real bonus versus the majority of 32-inch LCD TVs that come our way.