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Samsung LE32R87BD Reviewed

Samsung LE-32R87BDI will start off by saying, the Samsung LE32R87BD is an excellent HDTV which will appeal to much of the HDTV buyer’s market. Samsung are currently the world’s leading LCD manufacturer, this might explain how they can produce a quality LCD HDTV such as the 32-inch LE-32R87BD which looks great, performs great, has a whole bunch of features and costs less than $1,000 (£500), all this from a leading brand!
The Samsung LE32R87BD (LE-32R87BD) certainly offers a lot for the money, and looks like it should have a “pro” line price tag, the LE32R87BD has not cut any costs connection wise, with three HDMI inputs, VGA PC input, component along with s-video and scart. With a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels offering 720p and 1080p HD formats, a dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1 and internal digital tuner the specifications are also there. The LE-32R87BD also has some extra features such as Samsung’s “Wide Colour Enhancer” and “Digital Natural Image Engine” which delivers more colors than tradition LCD screens and also boosts motion and detailing while also reducing noise. TrustedReviews has taken a look at the LE-32R87BD and say, colors are sensationally vibrant, delivering the full splendor of Xbox 360 games, and all the neon delights of Shanghai at night in the HD DVD of Mission: Impossible. But as well as the rich saturations, there’s also more subtlety in colour blends and tones than we’re accustomed to seeing from Samsung, which gives pictures a greater sense of solidity and naturalism.
Going back to HD images, the 32R87BD delivers them with a pleasingly fine eye for tiny detailing and texturing, a fact which combines with some impressive suppression of video noise to produce exactly the sort of crispness and ‘snap’ that we always like to see while viewing HD material.