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Samsung HL-T5687S Reviewed

HL-T5687SFrom Samsung’s latest 2007 LED backlight engine DLP HDTVs comes the 58-inch Samsung HL-T5687S. The HL-T5687S uses a LED light engine (CinemaSmooth LED) rather than the common lamp, so not longer will you have to replace the lamp every so often, and also receive improved colors and lower power usage, and a slimmer design.
The HL-T5687S provides excellent picture quality with 1080p (1920×1080 pixel resolution) HD and very deep black levels with accurate colors, and no rainbow effect which is common to DLP sets. The Samsung HL-T5687S is also “3D Ready” for future 3D media, and offers a very large HDTV at a very reasonable price. Cnet have reviewed the HL-T5687S and say, overall, the HL-T5687S delivered a solid, deep shade of black, and the letterbox bars and dark areas of the image appeared every bit as inky as the Samsung plasma, and darker than the other two plasmas we had on hand. The Samsung HL-T5687S looked every bit as sharp as the 1080p Pioneer plasma and, frankly, as the lower-resolution Samsung and LG plasmas next to it.

We tested the HL-T5687S with both analog and digital PC sources, and it performed quite well, although not quite as impressively as many flat-panel displays we’ve tested. The set accepted a 1,920×1,080 resolution signal via HDMI from our DVI-equipped PC.