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Samsung F8 Series / F86

Samsung F8 SeriesFor our European visitors I present you with the Samsung F8 Series, the European equivalent of the very impressive American Samsung 71 series. First off the new F8 series of LCD HDTVs look amazing with the thin frame black gloss finish. Currently we know of the 40-inch Samsung LE40F86BD and the 46-inch LE-46F86BD, but we suspect they will also be available in both 37 and 52 inches.

All the sets in the F8 / F86 series are full 1080p HD LCDs (1920x1080p pixels) with 100MHz Motion Plus technology to pump out even more images to keep the pictures looking sharp and blur free, this feature can also be disabled if preferred. 1080p/ 24p is also fully supported for playing back of 24fps films. A claimed very high (dynamic) contrast ratio of 25,000:1 with CCFL backlighting for even more color detail. There is an 8ms refresh rate on the SuperCLEAR coated panel for stronger and clearer colors.

The Samsung F8 series models feature three HDMI 1.3 inputs on the back anlong with an extra handy one on the side, an internal DVB-T tuner for picking up the signals, and a USB 2.0 port for viewing JPG images and playing back on MP3 audio files.

F8 series

  • LE-37F86BD (LE37F86BD) – 37-inch, ??
  • LE-40F86BD (LE40F86BD) – 40-inch, €2,599 – September 07
  • LE-46F86BD (LE46F86BD) – 46-inch, €3,199 – September 07
  • LE-52F86BD (LE40F86BD) – 52-inch, ??