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Samsung F2380, F2080 Monitors

The Samsung F2380 and F2080 LCD computer monitors look like standard monitors at first glance, but they both have an extra feature which we have not seen anywhere else before.

Both monitors are from the Samsung SyncMaster 80 series, and feature a telescopic mount, allowing you to easily raise the monitor up. This professional LCD monitor allows easy placement above a second monitor, or a netbook for example. Both monitors can also be easily spun into portrait orientation.

The Samsung F2380 has a 23-inch display, with a Full HD / 1080p resolution, while the 20-inch Samsung F2080 has a 1600 X 900 resolution.

Samsung F2380

Both have a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness, 178-degree viewing angle, and cover nearly 100% of the RGB color space. Magicbright and magicclolor features enhancing the viewing experience. They both have a very thing 15mm bezel, with 2x DVI (with HDCP) and VGA video inputs.