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Samsung BD-UP5000 Reviewed

Samsung bd-up5000 smallA very frustrating fact of owning a HDTV is, you own this great HDTV, but you have yet to buy an HD media to show off on your set. As the HD format war is still nowhere closer to an end, users don’t want to pay for a player and media, only for the format to later die. If you go with one format you can only watch about 50% of all titles, as the other 50% of the titles will be on the format you didn’t buy. Or if you buy both format players, twice the space and two HDMI ports will be taken.

Samsung BD-UP5000

The Samsung BD-UP5000 player, or “Duo HD” player can play both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs from the same player. The BD-UP5000 aims to take a great shot at solving the format problem for consumers and give them a great player for both formats.

The specifications and features of the BD-UP5000 look very impressive, with full HD 1080p HD support for both HD formats at 1080p at 24 or 60fps, HDMI 1.3 output, Ethernet, HDi, BD-Java,DVD upscaling support. HDGuru have reviewed the Samsung BD-UP5000 and say, All discs viewed all looked spectacular, with every image appearing clean, crisp and sharp as a tack. The functionality in the BD-UP5000 is an improvement over previous generation products with faster chapter changes and quicker entry into other menu functions.The BD-UP5000 currently retails for $999 (or less, check below) and with the format war continuing with no end in sight, the Samsung BD-UP5000 it is the logical choice for HDTV viewers that want the best performance no matter which DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD discs they choose to view.