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Samsung Armani HDTV

samsung_armani_hdtv.jpgYes thats right, Samsung and Armani have teamed up to create two LCD HDTVs together. We assume this has happened due to the huge success of the LG Prada cell phone, and Samsung Armani cell phone. This is probably just evolution in the “designer” electronic products. Anyhow the new premium Armani HDTV was unveiled on the first day of the Milan International Furniture Fair.

The black glossy beast looks similar in design to the Samsung Armani phone, and will be avaliable as a 46-inch or 52-inch models. Both will be have a full HD 1080p LCD screen and include Samsung’s 100Hz display technology. It’s design was inspired by Giorgio Armani’s /Casa home furnishings collection. Built to incorporate the HDTV as a true design element of the room and surrounds, rather than trying to hide it.


The 42-inch version comes with a back lit remote control and a pebble shaped remote for simple functions, and will be avaliable in Europe, Russia and also Korea in mid summer, while the 52-inch model will follow towards the end of the summer.