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Samsung 84, 94 series

Samsung 94 seriesSamsung have announced their 84 series and 94 series plasmas, featuring full 1080p displays with 15,000:1 contrast ratio, UltraBright light diffusion engine, 18-bit color processing, ATSC / clear QAM tuners, 3x CEC HDMI inputs and USB.  Now if your looking for something a little extra, the Samsung 94 series features 802.11n WiFi streaming for upto 1080i HD video to the set. Available as the 50-inch HP-T5094W and the 58-inch HP-T5894W this forth quarter. The Samsung 84 series 58-inch HP-T5884 will be available this September.

  • HP-T5094W ($3600)
  • HP-T5894W ($5300)
  • HP-T5884 ($4700)
  • HP-T5084