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Samsung 2494HS

Having just gone on sale in Japan, the Samsung 2494HS SyncMaster LCD monitor looks very appealing and I can only hope that it will soon make it’s way to the U.S and European markets.

As you probably already know, the Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS is a 23.6-inch LCD computer monitor, and not an HDTV. The reason I have written about it on this site is because the Samsung 2494HS has a Full HD /1080p resolution, which is perfect for watching HD media such as blu-ray movies, and it also features a HDMI input (with DHCP). The HDMI input allows for direct connection of HD media devices, such as a blu-ray player, HD games console such as a PS or Xbox 360. The HDMI input also delivers the audio signal, which will be played back from the 2494HS’s built-in stereo speakers.

Samsung SyncMaster 2494hs

The Samsung 2494HS has a very clean design, a step away from the previous, now common glossy framed screens. This monitor would be perfect for use as a dual purpose monitor, being just as suitable for office work and web surfing as it is for watching back HD media in it’s native resolutions.

Other inputs on the Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS include VGA and DVI. Finally, the 2494HS has a 5-ms response time, and a very high contrast ratio of 50,000:1.