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Samsung 53 Series | 953BW, 2053BW, 2253LW, 253BW

Samsung 2053BW (Samsung 53 Series)I normally only post about HDTVs and everything HD, which sometimes includes computer LCD monitors if they feature a HD resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), but they brand new and amazing looking Samsung 53 series of monitors caught my attention, and I just had to write about them.

Firstly, it seems as if Samsung have taken one of their great looking HDTVs, taken the design and shrunk it down for a computer monitor. I recently wrote about the equally impressive Samsung 2493HM / 2693HM, which have received a lot of attention, but are also larger, and more costly than the new Samsung Syncmaster 53 series.

The new Samsung 53 series SyncMasters consist of four thin black gloss frame models. The 19-inch 953BW, 20-inch 2053BW, 22-inch 2253LW, and the largest 25-inch 253BW. Samsung has taken the styling, and high LCD quality from it’s HDTV lines to create a great LCD monitor with supreme colors and specifications.

All are fast enough for the latest games with a very fast 2ms response time, a high 8,000:1 contrast ratio for great colors, and HD media is no problem with a DVI input with HDCP (Can use HDMI -> DVI adapter).

The 19-inch 953BW has a 1440×900 resolution, the 20-inch Samsung 2053BW, 2253LW, 253BW have a 1680×1050 resolution. All have advanced features such as MagicBright3 and MagicColor for automatic brightness, contrast and color correction along with MagicWizard for resolution, image, color and screen font automatic adjustment setting.

All the new SyncMasters from the 53 series should be available shortly around the world. I know I am very interested in either the 20-inch Samsung 2053BW or the 22-inch 2253LW.

  • Samsung 953BW : $239
  • Samsung 2053BW : $299
  • Samsung 2253LW : $319
  • Samsung 253BW : $349