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Samsung 2009 HDTV Lineup (Samsung LED)

Some information has leaked about Samsung’s new HDTVs for 2009, a week or so before CES, but now we have official word and confirmation from Samsung about their new models.

As expected, Samsung appear to have been concentrating their efforts on the LED backlighting on many of their new models (6000, 7000 ,8000) called Samsung Luxia LED.

An interesting new feature is the “Internet@TV” function which is an improved version of InfoLive, which uses an Ethernet port for connectivity. All US models are set for release in the first half of 2009.

All of the new Samsung LED HDTVs are now available at Amazon in one place! Currently they are all on special offer and are discounted between 23-29%!.

Samsung LED

US 2009 Samsung HDTVs

Samsung 9 Series | UN46B9000, UN55B9000

The Samsung B9000 series is the very top of the range, flagship LED LCD HDTV from Samsung. Consisting of the 46-inch Samsung UN46B9000, and the huge 55-inch Samsung UN55B9000. Unlike the other “LED” HDTVs from Samsung, the Samsung 9000 series uses LED backlighting with local dimming, rather than “edge lit” LED. This enables even higher contrast ratios, for deeper colors, and more impressive black levels. Both sets also feature a wireless connection to a media unit, and Medi@2.0 support.

Samsung 8 Series | Samsung UN46B8000, UN55B8000

Samsung 8000 Series

The Samsung 8000 Series is an Ultra-Slim LED HDTV with Auto Motion Plus 240Hz. Available in 46-inch (Samsung UN46B8000) , and 55-inch (Samsung UN55B8000) sizes. Featuring an  Ultra Slim Design with chrome styling, and 240Hz Auto Motion Plus, twice as fast as others for enhanced picture quality during fast motion scenes. The Samsung Series 8 8000 features Internet@TV technology.

View Samsung 8 Series at Amazon.

Samsung 7100 Series | UN40B7100, UN46B7100, UN55B7100

Samsung 7000 Series

Ultra-Slim LED HDTV with Auto Motion Plus 120Hz. Available in 40-inch, 46-inch, and 55-inch sizes. Ultra Slim Design in semi-transparent ruby with dewdrop-like lighting effect. The Samsung 7100 series also features Internet@TV technology.

View Samsung 7 Series at Amazon.

Samsung 7 Series | UN40B7000, UN46B7000, UN55B7000

If the ruby red coloring is not to your liking. Samsung also offer the 7000 series with a clear blue / grey bezel finish.

Samsung 6 Series | UN40B6000, UN46B6000, UN55B6000

Samsung 6000 Series

Eco-Friendly LED LCD HDTV with Auto Motion Plus 120Hz. Available in 40-inch, 46-inch, and 55-inch sizes. 40%+ decrease power consumption versus traditional LCD HDTVs of similar size. The Samsung 6000 series does not feature Internet@TV, but Samsung’s InfoLive technology.

View all Samsung 6 series models at Amazon.

Samsung Series 7 750 Series | LN40750, LN46750, LN52750


The Samsung Series 7 750 / Samsung 750 Series is a range of LCD HDTVs with Auto Motion Plus 240Hz. Available in 40-inch, 46-inch, and 52-inch sizes. ToC design in semi-transparent ruby finish. Fast Motion Picture Response Time, matching that of traditional CRT displays. Internet@TV functionality is also featured.

Samsung Series 6 650


The Samsung Series 6 650 ranges from 19- to 55-inches. With the 32-inch model and larger featuring 120Hz Auto Motion Plus technology, while the 40-inch model and larger features the new Internet@TV functionality.

  • Samsung LN22650 |  22-Inch
  • Samsung LN32650 |  32-Inch
  • Samsung LN37650 |  37-Inch
  • Samsung LN40650 |  40-Inch
  • Samsung LN46650 |  46-Inch
  • Samsung LN55650 |  55-Inch

US Plasma models

Samsung Series 6 650 Plasma


Very little information has been announced about the Samsung Series 6 50 plasma range.  But we do know the Samsung 650 plasma’s are the “greenest plasmas yet”, have have full Energy Star 3.0 ratings.  With Internet@TV functionality and wireless DLNA compliant the 650 plasmas are very well connected. No price or dates are currently known.

  • Samsung PN50650
  • Samsung PN58650

Samsung Series 8 850 Plasma


There is also very little known about the Samsung Series 8 850 plasma range. Just like the previous plasma the Samsung 850 series has the “greenest plasma yet” title, thanks to it’s Energy Star 3.0 rating.  Wireless DLNA support is also featured, along with Internet@TV technology.  The Samsung Series 8 / 850 is also the thinnest plasma with a built in ATSC tuner at just over one inch thick.

  • Samsung PN50B850
  • Samsung PN50B860
  • Samsung PN58B850
  • Samsung PN58B860