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Samsung 3D Starter Kit Announced

There is no doubt that every HDTV manufacturer out there are hoping that we will all be tempted to spend out hard earned cash on a fresh new 3D TV.

To encourage us even more, Samsung have just announced their 3D Starter Kit.

To get the total 3D TV experience you will need both a 3D HDTV, and a 3D blu-ray player. If you decide to purchase both from Samsung, you will get the Samsung 3D Starter kit for free! Read more

Samsung C7000 Series 3D HDTVs

Samsung UN55C7000At CES Samsung announced their latest HDTVs, and like all the other manufactures, they announced a new line of 3D compatible HDTVs.

The latest news? Well one of these lines are have now been priced and are up for pre-order! The new Samsung 7000 series (C7000) models replace the previous highly rated B7000 range.

The new 3D compatible series features three models, the 40-inch UN40C7000, 46-inch UN46C7000, and the 55-inch UN55C7000. Read more

Samsung LN32B360 Reviewed

Samsung LN32B360The Samsung LN32B360 is a 32-inch 720p LCD HDTV from Samsung’s latest entry level range. As the LN32B360 is an entry level HDTV it has been priced accordingly, which makes it a great deal as they can currently be found online for around just $400.

While the Samsung LN32B360 might be at the starting end of the market and offered at a very attractive price point it doesn’t mean it’s going to perform badly. Read more

Samsung P2770HD

Samsung P2770HD The Samsung P2770HD is a mix between a computer monitor and an HDTV. You might remember the 23-inch Samsung P2370HD monitor, which is essentially a computer monitor with a built in HDTV tuner and HDMI input.

Now Samsung have released the larger 27-inch P2770HD, with HDTV tuner and HD connections. Read more

Samsung UN55B8000 Reviewed

Samsung UN55B8000Samsung’s 2009 LED HDTVs have been very popular indeed and have received a number of great reviews. The Samsung UN55B8000 is the 55-inch model from the highend 8000 series, a smaller 46-inch model is also available.

It is the most expensive “edge-lit LED based LCD HDTV from Samsung’s line up and also boasts the highest specifications and features. Read more

Amazon Samsung HDTV Promo Codes

An interesting email arrived in my Inbox earlier today. Amazon are running a huge promotion on Samsung HDTVs from now through to the end of October 3rd.

Many of the Samsung HDTVs are already discounted from between 20-30%, and with these promotion codes you can save an additional $360 on many Samsung models, including the new Samsung LED HDTVs. Read more

Samsung UN46B7000 Reviewed

Samsung UN46B700The Samsung UN46B7000 is the 46-inch model from Samsung’s latest 7000 series, which is also known simply as Samsung 7 series.

The UN46B7000 is the mid size model between the 46-inch and 55-inch models.

The Samsung 7 series models are part of Samsung’s latest LED HDTV range which use LEDs to light the LCD panel rather than a standard CCFL. Read more

Samsung LN65B650 | 65-Inch HDTV

Samsung LN65B650Samsung have introduced a new model to their LCD 650 Series, in the form of the very large 65-inch Samsung LN65B650.

The new Samsung LN65B650 at 65-inches is the largest in the series, and one of the largest HDTV on the market with a reasonable price tag. Often if you want an HDTV above 50-something inches, you will be entering the crazy size ranges and crazy price tags. Read more

Samsung LN40B550 Reviewed (LE40B550)

samsung ln40b550The Samsung LN40B550 is the 40-inch model from the Samsung B550 series. It is known as the Samsung LE40B550 in Europe.

The 40-inch Samsung LN40B550 is the middle sized model from the series, which ranges from 32-inches (LN32B550) all the way upto the 52-inch LN52B550. Read more

Samsung 8500 | Samsung UN46B8500, UN55B8500

Samsung UN55B8500Samsung have just announced their latest LED HDTV range, the Samsung 8500 series.

The Samsung 8500 LED series features the next-generation of local-dimming LED backlights and the Yahoo widgets engine. Read more

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