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Pioneer PDP-LX5090 Reviewed

Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090Pioneer have long been the leader in producing the very best plasma HDTVs, and have won numerous awards to this account. A few months ago Pioneer excited the HDTV word by announcing the new 2008 Kuro’s, the 50-inch Pioneer PDP-LX5090 and 60-inch PDP-LX6090 plasma HDTVs with a claimed 5x better black levels than the already world leading Kuro’s. Now that the Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 has been released we are excited to see just how well it performs.

The Pioneer PDPLX5090 has a 1080p plasma screen, a great looking design and is just 3.7 inches deep, and has advanced features such as “Optimum Mode” which automatically synchronises audio and video while improving image quality while monitoring ambient light levels. TrustedReviews look at the PDP-LX5090, give it a stunning 10 out of 10 and say, it’s well connected, with three v1.3 HDMIst, and a USB port for digital photo viewing. A special 72Hz mode for enhanced 1080p/24Hz playback (72Hz being a neat 3x multiple of 24Hz); new 100Hz processing for enhanced image stability.

Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090

The PDP-LX5090′s black levels are by a country mile the finest I’ve ever seen on an HDTV. Try as I might, there is nothing I can write in this review that can do full justice to the truly extraordinary picture quality of the Pioneer PDP-LX5090. You have to see it to fully believe it.