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Pioneer PDP-5020FD, PDP-6020FD

Pioneer PDP-5020FDIf you’re looking for the very best in plasma HDTVs, most people know they just need to look towards Pioneer. Their Kuro range of plasma HDTVs have been a huge winner, and now Pioneer are set to announce their newest and best Kuro plasma HDTV ever.

Pioneer already have the darkest, blackest levels on the market, resulting in amazing more true to life images, and now they have just upped their game. Their new 50-inch PDP-5020FD, and 60-inch PDP-6020FD claim to have “Five time deeper (black levels) than the previous KURO models”, and aim towards Pioneers ultimate goal of “pure, absolute black”.

We have seen and heard nothing but great things about Pioneers existing Kuro range, so we can’t wait to see, and expect amazing things from their new models. 5x improvement is quiet an achievement. The two models here sound very similar to the previously announced European PDP-LX5090 and PDP-LX6090, we expect these are just the U.S versions.

Pioneer PDP-5020FD

Both the 50-inch Pioneer PDP-5020FD and 60-inch Pioneer PDP-6020FD feature full HD 1080p plasma panels, and are 20% slimmer than the previous Kuro’s at only 3.7 inches thick. The deeper blacks and colors are a result of reducing idle luminance leading to 5x better performance than the 2007 models.

A new HD graphic user interface provides great ease of use, and seamless integration with other A/V equipment and networked home media gallery for playback of HD media, photos and music via a PC or USB device. The new plasma’s are also DNLA and PlaysForSure compatible.

Expect to see both models in June! The 50-inch PDP-5020FD will cost you $4,000 MSRP, while the 60-inch PDP-6020FD will set you back $5,500 MSRP. Update: The Pioneer PDP-6020FD Review has now been published.