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Pioneer PDP-LX6090: Best Plasma HDTV

Many people out there know that Pioneer are the kings of Plasma HDTVs and their Kuro range has constantly been number one and received some amazing reviews. Now the 60-inch Kuro, the Pioneer PDP-LX6090 has been named the best Plasma HDTV in Europe. The PDP-LX6090 has won EISA’s prestigious award for Europe’s top plasma, TVEISA is the biggest editorial multimedia organization in Europe, consisting of 49, audio, electronic, video and photo magazines from 19 European countries.

Pioneer PDP-LX6090

The main, and most important reason for the award winning Pioneer PDP-LX6090, according to the EISA jury is it’s exceptionally good picture quality. “The Pioneer PDP-LX6090 is a superb plasma TV whose advanced functions bring out the very best results from Blu-ray, DVD and standard TV signals. Thanks to an amazingly low black level – Pioneer calls it KURO – this set’s contrast ratio is sky-high. The result is an impression of immense depth and crisp detailing, the like of which have not been seen on a plasma TV before.” Press Post