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Pioneer PDP-5020FD, PDP-6020FD

Pioneer PDP-5020FDIf you’re looking for the very best in plasma HDTVs, most people know they just need to look towards Pioneer. Their Kuro range of plasma HDTVs have been a huge winner, and now Pioneer are set to announce their newest and best Kuro plasma HDTV ever.

Pioneer already have the darkest, blackest levels on the market, resulting in amazing more true to life images, and now they have just upped their game. Read more

Pioneer 2008 Kuro Lineup

Pioneer has just announced it’s product line up for it’s new Kuro 2008 models. It’s existing Kuro plasma HDTVs are extremely popular, award winning, and probably the very best plasmas avaliable. Given this, we are very excited to hear about their 2008 lineup for the Kuro range. Read more

Pioneer PDP-LX5090, PDP-LX6090

Pioneer and their Kuro range of plasma HDTVs are undoubtedly the best of the market, and have received a large number of awards, especially for their extremely impressive black levels and overall image quality.

The new 2008 Pioneer Kuro plasmas improve on the very best with even higher picture quality performance. The 2008 second generation Kuro plasmas move even closer to “absolute” black by further reducing idle luminance and improving black levels by five times the 2007 Kuros. Read more

Pioneer KRF-9000FD Projector

Pioneer has is now bringing it’s Kuro product range into other display technologies with the Kuro LCD and the Kuro projector. The Pioneer Kuro KRF-9000FD projector has been especially designed for cinephiles who want the biggest viewing area for use in their home cinema room. Read more

Pioneer KURO LCD HDTVs | KRL-32V, KRL-37V, KRL-46V

Pioneer KRL37VPioneer has done something new with it’s extremely popular and multi award winning Kuro plasma range, by adding some LCD displays into the Kuro mix. Their new Kuro LCDs are being marketed as “LCDs for smaller screen sizes” (32-46) while their plasma panel HDTVs with be for the larger sizes (50 and 60-inches). Read more

Pioneer PDP6010FD Reviewed

Pioneer PDP6010FDPioneer are truly leading the way with their plasma HDTVs over the recent years, and their recent Kuro range are currently the world’s best. The Pioneer PDP6010FD is a large 60-inch plasma HDTV from the Kuro line, all of which have received great reviews from both professionals and also proud owners of the sets. Read more

Pioneer PDP-LX608D Reviewed

Pioneer PDP-LX608DPioneer’s Kuro range has been winning awards left, right and center for it’s supreme performance. The Pioneer PDP-LX608D is a massive 60-inch plasma screen HDTV, offering a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixel and amazing black level performance. Read more

Pioneer PDP-4280HD Reviewed

Pioneer PDP-4280HDThe Pioneer PDP-4280HD is the smaller of the three Pioneer Kuro plasma HDTVs. These Kuro sets have received a lot of attention due to their use of the most modern HDTV technologies and their great looks. The 42-inch PDP-4280HD plasma set has a 1,024×768 pixel resolution and boast very impressive black levels which are among the very best in the industry, brining great colors and contrast. Read more

Pioneer PDP-5080HD Reviewed

Pioneer PDP-5080HDPioneer’s new 50-inch plasma offering comes from their new Pioneer Kuro line of plasmas which are available in 42″, 50″ and 60-inch sizes. The Pioneer PDP-5080HD is the mid size 50-inch Kuro which offers a 1366×768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD and uses Pioneer’s very latest technology for very impressive black levels and colors along with ASIC video processing for both optimal HD and SD image quality. Read more

Pioneer PDP-508XD Reviewed

Pioneer PDP-508XD

Let me start by saying, the Pioneer PDP-508XD does not come cheap, but it sure does give you your moneys worth! The PDP-508XD is jam packed with the very latest technology to bring you the very best images and movie like experiences. The large 50-inch plasma display offers a 1355×768 pixel resolution for 720p / 1080i HD formats, and has a great design with a slim black gloss frame. Read more

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