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Pioneer PDP-6020FD Reviewed

pioneer pdp-6020fdAs I have stated many times before, and as i’m sure you have also read many times before, Pioneer are simply the very best at making plasma HDTVs. Their Kuro range has constantly been rated the best on the market, and now their new ninth generation Pioneer PDP-6020FD has been reviewed and has taken the crown as the best plasma HDTV. You can always expect a lot from a Pioneer plasma HDTV, but the new 60-inch PDP-6020FD really pushed the limits, surpassing the image quality of the last generation Kuros.

The Pioneer PDP6020FD features a full HD 1080p plasma panel which can produce the “blackest blacks” which leads to deep colors and great picture quality. 24p (24fps) is the rate at which blu-ray films are recorded, but this lower frame rate can annoy people by appearing slightly jerky.

pioneer pdp-6020fd

The Pioneer PDP-6020FD is the first HDTV to feature a 72Hz frame rate (3x 24p) which runs at a higher rate, and is perfect for viewing blu-ray movies with out jerky motion. Best-in-class black levels and excellent all-around performance the Pioneer PDP-5020FD at the top of the picture quality heap. HomeTheaterMag says “The Pioneer KURO PDP-6020FD excels in far more than just blacks. But I can’t overstate the importance of rich blacks, particularly if you are a movie fan.”