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Pioneer KRP-600A, KRP-600M 60-Inch Plasma

Pioneer KRP-600MThings got interesting here in Europe and America over the last few months with Pioneer introducing the second generation Kuro plasma HDTV lineup which promised 5x deeper black levels, improving on the already impressive Kuro generation. Now things are looking interesting for Japan, as Pioneer have just announced the very large 60-inch Pioneer KRP-600M plasma to it’s new Kuro PDP lineup.

The Pioneer KRP-600M is no ordinary HDTV, and Pioneer say that the KRP-600M is “a product targeted at ‘Audio-Visual fans,’ who are very particular about picture quality,” said Masaaki Nishio. Basically this tells us that Pioneer believe it to be the very best in quality, and from their previous products, we are inclined to believe them.

Pioneer KRP-600M

There are not too many specifications to pass out right now, but we do know that this 60-inch plasma will have a full HD 1080p resolution at a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and that it looks great and is only 64mm at it’s thickest. Connection wise the Pioneer KRP600M sounds good with HDMI, component, PC VGA and DVI inputs, along with Ethernet, an IR repeater, RS-232C and audio ins and outs.

We expect to see the Pioneer KRP-600M in Japan later this month for about $7,900, and we look forward to seeing it over here sometime soon.

We have just received word from Pioneer that the KRP-600M, will be joined by the KRP-600A (note the “A” at the end). The Pioneer KRP-600A features a separate media receiver, which connects to the screen via a single cable. The sleek looking and whisper quiet unit allows easy connectivity, eliminating multiple cables going directly to the HDTV.

Also available are the smaller 50-inch KRP-500M and KRP-500A.  A review for the Pioneer KRP-600A has been posted