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Pioneer KRP-500AW, KRP-500ABG Limited Edition KURO

Pioneer krp-500aw, krp-500ABGFrom November Pioneer will be releasing two limited edition Kuro plasma HDTVs. The Pioneer Beige Grisé KRP-500ABG will be limited to just 1,000 across Europe, while the Pioneer pristine White KRP-500AW will be limited to 1,500 units.

Both the Pioneer KRP-500AW, and KRP-500ABG will feature a famous large 50-inch, full HD 1080p plasma panel, and be just 64mm thick. Brining the leading Kuro quality with a new design to better fit your style. Both come with a “whisper quiet” and glossy black media receiver, which connects all your devices and power by just one cable, making wall mounting easier. They also feature digital terrestrial (DVB-T) tuner and a digital satellite (DVB-S/DVB-S2) tuner. DLNA is also supported for streaming of media from home networks.

Pioneer krp-500aw, krp-500ABG

The Pioneer KRP-500ABG and KRP-500AW also feature “enhanced Optimum Mode” with light sensor for automatic adjustment of the picture settings to deliver the best image in any lighting environments. An additional colour sensor also measure the colour characteristics of ambient light, to produce the finest picture. There is also a “Pure AV” mode, which produces the image “untouched” by any processing, for a more pure image.