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Pioneer KRP-600A Reviewed

pioneer krp600aAny regular readers of this site, or people who know a lot about HDTVs will know that Pioneer are hands down the winner, when it comes to producing the best plasma HDTV. Pioneer’s Kuro range of plasma HDTVs have been top rated and won many awards for a long time now.

At the very top of the Kuro range are the KRP models, such as this large 60-inch Pioneer KRP-600A. KRP stands for Kuro Reference Plasma, meaning this is the plasma that all other plasma are compared to. In other words, it’s the best of the best, with the very highest picture quality, and the best money can buy. Talking about money, the 60-inch Pioneer Kuro KRP-600A will cost almost £5,000, certainly not cheap, but thats not what the Kuro KRP’s are about.

pioneer krp600a

The Pioneer KRP-600A is a 60-inch plasma HDTV with a full HD / 1080p resolution, and separate media unit, which connect to the HDTV via a single cable, making wall mounting easier, and offering more inputs. The Pioneer KRP-600 is also available as the Pioneer KRP-600M, which does not have a separate media unit. TrustedReviews gave the Pioneer Kuro KRP-600A 10/10 for image quality and an overall 9/10 rating over all, and said, the new Direct Colour Filter which cuts out the reflection which can seriously reduce black level. The result is deeper, darker blacks – the thing Pioneer strives for above anything else – the improvements mean it carries out this task more effectively than ever before.