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Pioneer KRP-500A Reviewed

pioneer krp-500aIf you know a thing or two about HDTVs, you will undoubtedly know that Pioneer are known for making great plasma HDTVs, and are generally considered the best plasma HDTVs available.  Last year their Kuro range of plasmas won numerous awards and received top reviews and ratings.

Known for their extremely deep black levels and amazing contrast ratios, the Kuro became the one to beat.  Pioneer themselves later announced a new range of plasma HDTVs, which promised 5x better improved black levels over their previous generation. The result was the Pioneer Kuro KRP-500A.

The Pioneer KRP-500A is a 50-inch plasma HDTV which is extremely thin at just 64mm, and has a separate media unit, which helps to achieved this thinness, adds an extra range of connectivity options, and allows the set to be easily wall mounted with just one single cable needed. (The also available Pioneer KRP-500M, is the same, with out the separate media unit).

pioneer krp-500a

The “KRP” in the KRP-500A model name tells us that the Pioneer KRP-500A really is the best of the best, as it stands for “Kuro reference panel”, the plasma HDTV to which all others are compared.

Pioneer Kuro KRP-500A makes use of a full HD / 1080p plasma panel, and has 24p support and a special “Enhanced Optimum Mode”. This senses and analyses the lighting conditions and the viewing content, to deliver the very best image quality.

Connectivity is very good on the Pioneer KRP-500, with DLNA support, Kuro link, 4x HDMI, component, 3x scart, PC VGA, USB and Ethernet inputs. TrustedReviews gave the KRP-500A a stunning 10/10 for image quality and over all rating, and said, results are going to be more or less gobsmackingly good, with class leading black levels, stunningly rich colours, impeccable sharpness, and good motion handling. Quality is improved enough to add an extra reason for AV fans to pick a KRP-500A over the ‘integrated’ Pioneer plasma models.