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Pioneer Exit TV Business

Just last week we posted information which suggested that Pioneer was exiting the HDTV manufacturing business.  And unfortunately today, Pioneer confirmed the rumors.

This is very bad news for Pioneer and plasma fans, as many people know, Pioneer’s Kuro range of plasmas have been constantly rated as the very best money can buy.  Pioneer’s Kuro HDTVs have always been very expensive when compared to others, and I’m sure this had as an effect on Pioneer through the bad economy.

Pioneer will close it’s U.S and U.K plants by April and February this year.

Pioneer Europe issued a statement saying, “Pioneer has announced that it wishes to primarily focus on car electronics, navigation and audio A/V products.” and “This means that Pioneer will withdraw from the flat screen market, both plasma and LCD, by March 2010. We regret that we will no longer be able to offer these highly appreciated products in the future.”

for those of you who currently own a Pioneer HDTV, you can relax, as Pioneer say “Naturally we will continue to guarantee the reputable quality of our products. This also means that the after-sale service will be fully maintained so that all customers will be able to continue to benefit from the applicable Pioneer warranties. In other words, you can continue to count on Pioneer.”

This is a dark day for the HDTV world, we can only assume Pioneer feels it can no longer compete with cheaper and new technologies. We are starting to see more and more LED backlit HDTVs on the market, and also OLED screens hitting the market soon.