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Pioneer Exit TV Business

Just last week we posted information which suggested that Pioneer was exiting the HDTV manufacturing business.  And unfortunately today, Pioneer confirmed the rumors.

This is very bad news for Pioneer and plasma fans, as many people know, Pioneer’s Kuro range of plasmas have been constantly rated as the very best money can buy.  Pioneer’s Kuro HDTVs have always been very expensive when compared to others, and I’m sure this had as an effect on Pioneer through the bad economy. Read more

Pioneer KRP-500A Reviewed

pioneer krp-500aIf you know a thing or two about HDTVs, you will undoubtedly know that Pioneer are known for making great plasma HDTVs, and are generally considered the best plasma HDTVs available.  Last year their Kuro range of plasmas won numerous awards and received top reviews and ratings. Read more

Pioneer KRP-600A Reviewed

pioneer krp600aAny regular readers of this site, or people who know a lot about HDTVs will know that Pioneer are hands down the winner, when it comes to producing the best plasma HDTV. Pioneer’s Kuro range of plasma HDTVs have been top rated and won many awards for a long time now. Read more

Pioneer KRL-32V Reviewed

Most will know that Pioneer are considered the kings of plasma, and their Kuro range of plasma HDTVs constantly receive top marks.  They have also been strictly plasma, and not LCD, but earlier this year Pioneer announced to the world that they are going to release an LCD HDTV range. Read more

Pioneer KRL-37V Reviewed

Pioneer KRL37VOne of the biggest stories to break this year in the HDTV world is Pioneer’s announcement that they are going to produce LCD HDTVs.  Pioneer have been strictly a plasma HDTV manufacturer, and have never released a LCD HDTV under their prestigious KURO name. Read more

Pioneer KRP-500AW, KRP-500ABG Limited Edition KURO

Pioneer krp-500aw, krp-500ABGFrom November Pioneer will be releasing two limited edition Kuro plasma HDTVs. The Pioneer Beige Grisé KRP-500ABG will be limited to just 1,000 across Europe, while the Pioneer pristine White KRP-500AW will be limited to 1,500 units. Read more

Pioneer PDP-6020FD Reviewed

pioneer pdp-6020fdAs I have stated many times before, and as i’m sure you have also read many times before, Pioneer are simply the very best at making plasma HDTVs. Their Kuro range has constantly been rated the best on the market, and now their new ninth generation Pioneer PDP-6020FD has been reviewed and has taken the crown as the best plasma HDTV. Read more

Pioneer PDP-LX6090: Best Plasma HDTV

Many people out there know that Pioneer are the kings of Plasma HDTVs and their Kuro range has constantly been number one and received some amazing reviews. Now the 60-inch Kuro, the Pioneer PDP-LX6090 has been named the best Plasma HDTV in Europe. Read more

Pioneer PDP-LX5090 Reviewed

Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090Pioneer have long been the leader in producing the very best plasma HDTVs, and have won numerous awards to this account. A few months ago Pioneer excited the HDTV word by announcing the new 2008 Kuro’s, the 50-inch Pioneer PDP-LX5090 and 60-inch PDP-LX6090 plasma HDTVs with a claimed 5x better black levels than the already world leading Kuro’s. Read more

Pioneer KRP-600A, KRP-600M 60-Inch Plasma

Pioneer KRP-600MThings got interesting here in Europe and America over the last few months with Pioneer introducing the second generation Kuro plasma HDTV lineup which promised 5x deeper black levels, improving on the already impressive Kuro generation. Read more

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