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Philips Wireless HDTV Link

Philips Wireless HDTV (HDMI)Wireless HDMI / HDTV has been spoken about for over a year now. FlyWire showed promise at first, but has since had it’s development canceled.

Now Philips have announced their “Wireless HDTV Link” product which can set your HDTV free from it’s HDMI cables with it’s own HDMI transmitter / receiver pair.

The Philips Wireless HDTV Link can connect your audio video components to your HDTV wirelessly over 20 meters.

The base unit has two HDMI connections, and two component connections, and can transmit 1080i and 1080p / 30 HD.

Philips Wireless HDTV (HDMI)

The device apparently works with all major brands and requires very little to zero set up, and it can be up and fulling in full HD goodness in less than 5 minuets.

The Wireless HDTV Link doesn’t come cheap, it will soon be retailing for €599.99, which is currently $850. But if wireless HDMI is what you have been wishing for, the Philips product should be ideal.