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Philips 220XW9 LightFrame

I’m sure most people who are interested in HDTVs will know that Philips use Ambilight, a lighting technology on many of their HDTVs. Well Philips have another new light technology on a new LCD monitor of theirs. The Philips LughtFrame 220XW9 LCD dispay is the first monitor available which is proven to reduce eye strain / fatigue. By simply pressing a single button the Philips “LightFrame” will surround your monitor an emit a cool blue light.

It has been scientifically proven that the LightFrame technology relaxes the eyes and reduces eye fatigue, as well as improving concentration over long periods spend viewing a computer screen. Dr. A. Johnson’s study concluded: “…a significant proportion of people performing computer tasks prefer working with Philips LightFrame™ compared to working without it. The common reason given for their preferences is that LightFrame™ helps them concentrate and makes them feel less tired and more rested.”

The 22-inch Philips 220XW9 widescreen LCD monitor has an attractive piano white finish and has some nice features such as Philips SmartImage and a fast response time of 2ms and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 12,000:1 for great colors. The Philips LightFrame 220XW9 sounds very interesting and also tempting to me, as I sometimes suffer with eye fatigue. It will be available from November 2008, just in time for Christmas.