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Philips 42PFL7432D Reviewed

Philips 42PFL7432DGone have the days where any HDTV larger than 32-inches would be better as a plasma rather than a LCD screen. Now days LCD HDTVs such as the Philips 42PFL7432D have improved so much over the last year or so that they can easily compete head to head with plasmas.

42-inches is a very nice size for an HDTV and the 42PFL7432D looks nothing short of beautiful with it’s sleek glossy finish and rounded corners. Read more

Philips 42PFL5603D

Philips 42PFL5603DOne of the most impressive HDTVs launched at this years CES was the Philips 42PFL5603D 42-inch LCD, which promptly won the “Best In Show” award. The Philips 42PFL5603D/27 not only looks amazing and easily stands apart from the general looking HDTVs but also has some serious features and specifications behind it’s good looks.

The Philips 42PFL5603D has a large 42-inch full HD 1080p LCD screen for a full 1920×1080 pixels for the very highest HD format, and boost the lowest power consumption for a HDTV this size by far. Read more

Philips 47PFL9732D Reviewed

philips 47pfl9732dThe Philips 47PFL9732D is well priced for it’s large 46-inch LCD screen. It is in fact Philip’s best priced model which features 120Hz high frame rate processing engine and the impressive Perfect Pixel HD image processing and enhancement engine. These two feature alone can vastly enhance the picture quality of both standard and high definition feeds. Read more

Philips 47PFL9632D Reviewed

Philips 47PFL9632DFrom Philip’s new generation of LCD HDTVs comes the Philips 47PFL9632D 47-inch 1080p monster. Philips has crammed the 47PFL9632D full with a whole bunch of image enhancing features, such a dynamic backlight to enhance the black levels and colours, Perfect Pixel Engine, and 100Hz processing technology. Read more

Philips 42PFL9900D Reviewed

Philips Aurea 42PFL9900DThe Philips 42PFL9900D is an HDTV which had a large amount of rumors around it’s self before it was even announced. This is because it was the first HDTV to feature the new improved version of the very popular Ambilight feature, now called Philips Aurea. This Aurea feature was rumored to be featured on the Philips Aurea 42PFL9900D, and it turned out to be very true. Read more

Philips 32PFL7562D Reviewed

Philips 32PFL7562DLCD HDTVs have dropped in price dramatically over the last year, and a decent sized 32-inch HDTV can be had for under £600. The Philips 32PFL7562D currently costs £580 or less (check below), from the well known Philips brand. Often cheaper HDTVs have many features cut from the model to reduce costs and ultimately image quality, the 32PFL7562D doesn’t seem to of had too much cut from it, and offers a good specification. Read more

Philips 32PFL7602D, 19PFL5602D

Philips 32PFL7602DPhilips have announced two very nice sleek looking, Ivory colored LCD HDTVs, which they are calling future proof. Available as the 32-inch 32PFL7602D, or the smaller 19-inch 19PFL5602D, both offer 2x HDMI inputs, Virtual Dolby Surround, and an integrated Digital DVB-T tuner allowing you to easily tune in to signals without the need of an external decoder box. Read more

Perfect Pixel HD | PFL9632D, PFL9672D

Philips 47PFL9732DPhilips have introduced six new LCD HDTVs using their brand new Philips Perfect Pixel HD Engine technology. This new technology works with “HD Natural Motion” to ensure judder free HD images. The Perfect Pixel HD Engine consists of many advanced elements such as a scaler , deinterlacer, dynamic contrast control, gamma correction and detail enhancement processing. Read more

Philips Aurea | The New Ambilight

Philips AureaPhilips have announced their brand new Aurea technology which will replace their very popular and successful Ambilight lighting technology which produces lighting effects around all the sides of the television to create a more immersive experience while reducing eye strain. Read more

Philips 42PF5521D Reviewed

Philips 42PF5521DThe Philips 42PF5521D is a rather large, 42-inch plasma HDTV from a well known brand, costing just a mere £650 ($1,300), which seems like a very good deal, considering this is a large HDTV and from a known brand. So is the 42PF5521D simply a great deal? or have Philips cut too many corners shaving the price tag down?. The Philips 42PF5521D is not the best looking HDTV I have ever seen, but it is certainly not the ugliest. The 42-inch plasma display offers a 1024x1080i resolution for 720 and 1080i HD formats, at a quoted contrast ratio on 10,000:1 and brightness of 1400cd/m2. Read more

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