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Philips 220XW9 LightFrame

I’m sure most people who are interested in HDTVs will know that Philips use Ambilight, a lighting technology on many of their HDTVs. Well Philips have another new light technology on a new LCD monitor of theirs. The Philips LughtFrame 220XW9 LCD dispay is the first monitor available which is proven to reduce eye strain / fatigue. Read more

Philips 9700 Series | 42PFL9703, 47PFL9703, 52PFL9703

Philips 52PFL9703Philip’s new premier line of large LCD HDTV is the very attractive looking Philips 9700 series. The 9700 consists of three larger sizes 1080p LCD models, all offering impressive specifications and Philip’s latest Ambilight Spectra 3 technology. This technology helps to engage the viewer in a more immersive viewing experience by identifying dominant on screen colors and then projecting them from the sizes of the HDTV. Read more

Philips 42PFL9903, 37PFL9903 | Aurea II

philips 42pfl9903Philip’s always impressive surround lighting technology has progressed another step to the new Philips Aurea II.  The Aurea 2 technology will first be available in the 42-inch Philips 42PFL9903 and the 37-inch Philips 37PFL9903 models.  Philips make vast improvements in their ambilight / Aurea technology every year and the new Aurea II is the very best yet. Read more

Philips 42PES0001

philips 42pes0001Just over a week ago we reported on the tip of a new Philips Essence LCD HDTV to be announced at this years IFA. It turns out that most of the information in the rumors were correct, and the Essence is a 42-inch LCD model called Philips 42PES0001.

Philips has taken a similar route to Sony, where they have designed a minimalist and stylish thin HDTV which can be wall mounted and look like a picture frame. Read more

Philips 42PFL9803

Philips 42PFL9803Only yesterday we reported on the tip off that Philips would soon be announcing the Philips Essence LCD HDTV at the upcoming IFA show later this month. Philips seem to be rather excited about the “Essence” and we would like to take a guess that the Philips 42PFL9803 could well indeed be this rumored HDTV. Read more

Philips 42PFL9703D Reviewed

Philips 42PFL9703DThe Philips 42PFL9703D is currently right up there at the top the Philips’ HDTV range. The top of the line flagship 42-inch 42PFL9703D has been a very highly anticipated model for sometime now, due to it’s impressive specifications and features. Philips’ recent high-end models have all looked amazing and the Philips 42PFL9703D/10 is no different. Read more

Philips Essence LCD

We have just received a tip about a new LCD HDTV from Philips that should hopefully gain a fair amount of attention when it’s announced at this years IFA. The new HDTV (or range we assume) will be called the Philips Essence. The Essence LCD will have a 42-inch screen size and ultra light and ultra thin at just 38mm thickness. Read more

Philips 32PFL9603D Reviewed

Philips 32PFL9603DThe extremely attractive Philips 32PFL9603D is one of Philips’ latest LCD HDTVs from their very impressive Philips 9600 Series. Before I get into the juicy technical details of the 32-inch Philips 32PFL9603D/10, lets talk a little bit about the design and styling. I have seen a lot of HDTVs, but this has to be one of the most stylish and attractive looking sets I have seen. Read more

Philips 9600 Series | 32PFL9603, 37PFL9603, 42PFL9603

Philips 37PFL9603DThe Philips Ambilight LCD HDTVs have always been impressive, and also popular with the public. Philips have now announced their Philips 9600 Ambilight FlatTV Series, with is their new highend model. The Philips 9600 Series feature a full HD 1080p LCD screen, look simply stunning, and are available in four sizes from 32-inch to 47-inches. Read more

Philips 42PFL5603D Reviewed

The 42-inch Eco friendly Philips 42PFL5603D was quick to pick up a number of awards, including the CES “Best In Show” award. The Philips 42PFL5603D looks great and also boast some very impressive features, but it’s main claim to fame is it’s very low power usege, making the 42PFL5603D an “Eco Friendly HDTV”. Read more

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