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Philips 9664, 9604 Series | Philips 42PFL9664, 47PFL9664

philips 47pfl9664The new 2009 Philips 9000 series have been split into three sections, the 9704 series, and the 9600 models, made up of the Philips 9664 and 9604 series.

The highend Philips 9604 and 9664 series are both very similar, with the Philips 9664 models additionally featuring 200Hz Clear LCD technology, for a super fast response time of just 1ms. Read more

Philips 9704 Series | 40PFL9704, 46PFL9704, 52PFL9704

philips 47pfl9704The new Philips 9000 series has been divided into two separate ranges, the 9600 (9604) and the Philips 9700 (9704) series. There are currently very few details available on the new 9700 series, but we do know it’s one of their highest end models, stepping above the 9600 series, by adding advanced LED backlighting. Read more

Philips Net TV

We heard about Philips Net TV about a year ago when Philips announced it at CES. Since then we have heard very little, well, until now that is.

Philips have announced that their Net TV feature is due to go live in April this year, and bring Internet access directly to the HDTV. Read more

Philips Cinema 21:9 Priced & Dated

I’m sure many of you know about the 56-inch Philips Cinema 21:9 ultra widescreen HDTV by now, if not check out this link: Philips Cinema 21:9.

Since it’s announcement there are two things people have wanted to know; 1) when will be available? , and 2), just how much will all this extra width cost? Read more

Philips Cinema 21:9

philips cinema 21:9Philips have just announced the Philips Cinema 21:9 LCD HDTV, which is the world’s first cinema proportioned LCD HDTV. Offering the very best cinematic experience with an aspect ratio of 21:9, rather than the common widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. Read more

Philips 42PFL7603D Reviewed

philips 42pfl7603dThe Philips 42PFL7603D has to be one of the most impressive LCD HDTVs we have seen recently. With a stylish and surprisingly thin frame, with no visible speaker grills to one continuous frame houses Philips’ Ambilight light technology. This technology makes the viewing experience more immersive, and also reduces eye strain. Read more

Philips 42PFL9803H Reviewed

The 42-inch Philips 42PFL9803H is Philip’s most highly anticipated HDTV of 2008. Also known as the Philips 42PFL9803 and 42PFL9803D. Firstly, I will describe the confusing product names. The Philips 42PFL9803 is available in two models, looking at the last letter, the D = Digital tuner only, while the “H” model looked at here is the Hybrid, meaning it contains both an analog and digital tuner. Read more

Philips 42PFL9903D

Philips 42PFL9903DAs we reported many months ago, Philips have two new Philips Aurea II models coming our way in the form of the 42-inch Philips 42PFL9903D, and 37-inch 37PFL9903D.

The Aurea was the top of the line Ambilight technology, which has now been improved even more in the form of the Aurea II. Read more

Philips 47PFL9603D Reviewed

Philips 47PFL9603DThe Philips 47PFL9603D is the large 47-inch model from Philips’ highend Philips 9600 Series. As the 47PFL9603D is one of the flagship models, it can cost more than some other sets, but it’s packed with very highend features, specifications and a winning design that easily justifying the slightly higher price. Read more

Philips 42PFL9803 Reviewed

We have written about the 42-inch LED backlit Philips 42PFL9803 before, when it was announced at this years IFA.  Shortly after this announcement it went on to win EISA’s award for the best European LCD HDTV. Read more

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