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Philips Net TV

We heard about Philips Net TV about a year ago when Philips announced it at CES. Since then we have heard very little, well, until now that is.

Philips have announced that their Net TV feature is due to go live in April this year, and bring Internet access directly to the HDTV.

The module will connect to the Philips 8000 series, 9000 series and the Cinema 21:9, with the later two offering integrated Wi-Fi connecting, eliminating the need for an Ethernet cable.

Users will be able to use the remote to control the Philips Net TV and browse Internet video streaming websites, along with the rest of the web. Sites such as YouTube, EBay, Netlog, and TomTom will offer a special TV version with larger fonts etc.

philips net tv

Philips Net TV can access any website, but text etc may be hard to read from a distance, but Philips plan on adding more websites to Net TV over time, and adding more localized services from non English speakers.