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Philips Essence LCD

We have just received a tip about a new LCD HDTV from Philips that should hopefully gain a fair amount of attention when it’s announced at this years IFA. The new HDTV (or range we assume) will be called the Philips Essence. The Essence LCD will have a 42-inch screen size and ultra light and ultra thin at just 38mm thickness. It’s ultra thinness has been achieved by moving out much of the picture processing electronics to a separate box or “hub” and connected to the HDTV by a single cable. We have seen this approached used before by Pioneer, and it seemed popular.

We haven’t seem anything particularity exciting from Philips recently, so we hope to see something special in a couple of weeks time at IFA in Germany. At the last technology show, CES 08, Philips won an award for their low power eco HDTV. I’m personally hoping for something that will excite the A/V fans rather than the Eco fans.

The Philips Essence HDTV will be able to be wall mounted like a picture frame, and have a feature similar to the latest Sony’s where Photos or art work can be shown when the set is not being used.

Currently that is all the information we have on the Philips Essence LCD, but as more information is announced at IFA, we will keep you upto date on the Essence, along with everything else HDTV. We are also expecting to see the Philips Aurea second generation.

Update: Now that IFA is in full swing, Philips has officialy announced that the Philips Essence will be the 42-inch Philips 42PES0001.