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Philips Cinema 21:9 Priced & Dated

I’m sure many of you know about the 56-inch Philips Cinema 21:9 ultra widescreen HDTV by now, if not check out this link: Philips Cinema 21:9.

Since it’s announcement there are two things people have wanted to know; 1) when will be available? , and 2), just how much will all this extra width cost?

We already know the Cinema 21:9 won’t be available in the U.S, well at least not initially, but lucky Europeans can get your hands on it for it very soon, in June in fact.

philips cinema 21:9

Well, that is assuming you have 4,000 euros to spare. Currently with the bad exchange rate, that 4,000 now equates to about £3,500.

Certainly not cheap, but then again, you will be buying a very unique (for now) amazing looking LCD HDTV.

So to sum up, the Philips Cinema 21:9 56-inch LCD HDTV with the 2.39:1 cinema aspect ratio will cost you £3,500 / 4,000 Euros, from June 09.

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