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Philips 9700 Series | 42PFL9703, 47PFL9703, 52PFL9703

Philips 52PFL9703Philip’s new premier line of large LCD HDTV is the very attractive looking Philips 9700 series. The 9700 consists of three larger sizes 1080p LCD models, all offering impressive specifications and Philip’s latest Ambilight Spectra 3 technology. This technology helps to engage the viewer in a more immersive viewing experience by identifying dominant on screen colors and then projecting them from the sizes of the HDTV. This lighting effect doesn’t just look great, it also helps to reduce eye strain while viewing in all lighting environments.

The Philips 9700 Series also features “Perfect Pixel HD” image engine to provide excellent image quality by providing vivid colors, enhanced details and sharpness and reduced noise. Each individual pixel from the source is enhanced to better match the surrounding pixels to produce a more natural image and boosting sharpness.

Philips 52PFL9703

Available as the 42-inch Philips 42PFL9703, 47-inch 47PFL9703 and the 52-inch 52PFL9703. All of the Philips 9700′s have a very high dynamic contrast ratio of 55,000:1 which provide very deep blacks and rich colors, and Perfect Natural Motion along with 100Hz Clear LCD (2ms) to keep the images judder free, smooth flowing and sharp during high motion scenes.

Other features include a Wide Color Gamut LCD, a DVB-T tuner for both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats, DLNA network support, 24p and four HDMI 1.3 inputs.

Philips 9700 Series

  • Philips 42PFL9703 | 42-Inch
  • Philips 47PFL9703 | 47-Inch
  • Philips 52PFL9703 | 52-Inch