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Philips 47PFL9632D Reviewed

Philips 47PFL9632DFrom Philip’s new generation of LCD HDTVs comes the Philips 47PFL9632D 47-inch 1080p monster. Philips has crammed the 47PFL9632D full with a whole bunch of image enhancing features, such a dynamic backlight to enhance the black levels and colours, Perfect Pixel Engine, and 100Hz processing technology.

From just looking at the Philips 47PFL9632D it gives the impression that it is a highend, top of the range HDTV, and that is exactly what it is. It looks great when it is off, and looks amazing when it is on. The full 1080p LCD HDTV screen offers the highest pixel resolution for the best quality HD image possible, and all this is made better by the extra Philip’s technology they have included in the 47PFL9632D.

Philip’s Perfect Pixel Engine works wonders on making the very best image possible from the input source it is given, it can upscale standard definition sources to full 1080p, reduce noise and enhance the colours and contrast of the output image shown. This technology also works on high definition sources by removing noise, compression artifacts and tweaking the contrast to get a simply amazing image on the screen. Black levels are also very impressive with the 8,000:1 contrast ratio, providing vivid colours and deep blacks.

Also included on the Philips 47PFL9632D is 100Hz processing, which turns a 25fps source into 100 frames per second, to output very sharp and smooth running images, which keep the high resolution during fast moving scenes with no judder. 24p is also fully supported which enables the 47PFL9632D to play back at 24fps exactly, which is the frame rate which all films are original recorded at, providing the very best in film watching. Inputs include 3x HDMI 1.3, 2x scart, component, composite, s-video, CAM slot, USB and more.

Overall reviewing the Philips 47PFL9632D has been a very pleasant experience, providing us the top notch results in a great looking set.