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Philips 47PFL9603D Reviewed

Philips 47PFL9603DThe Philips 47PFL9603D is the large 47-inch model from Philips’ highend Philips 9600 Series. As the 47PFL9603D is one of the flagship models, it can cost more than some other sets, but it’s packed with very highend features, specifications and a winning design that easily justifying the slightly higher price.

Like the smaller Philips 32PFL9603D we have already seen, the Philips Cineos 47PFL9603D features the Ambilight Spectra 2 technology, which uses external LED to produce an immersive and relaxing viewing experience. This technology along with the great, stylish design makes the 47PFL9603D a pleasure to watch, but what about what really matters? the screen.

Philips 47PFL9603D

Making use of a full HD / 1080p LCD panel, the Philips 47PFL9603 offer the highest HD format, along with high dynamic contrast ratio of 30,000:1 for deep black, and great colors, a fast 2ms response time, and high 176ยบ viewing angle. Also packed with image enhancing features such as the powerful Perfect Pixel HD Engine for ultimate sharpness and color, as each pixel is processed by the engine to provide the best possible image quality.

Perfect Natural Motion, along wit 24p True Movie, eliminates the judder sometimes seen during image panning, along with 100Hz Clear LCD high frame rate technology, this removes motion blur seen during high motion scenes, to keep the sharp and clear. TrustedReviews looked at the 47PFL9603D and said, the colours are exceedingly rich and bright. Colour-rich broadcast fodder like Sky News positively blasts off the screen at you, as do animated Blu-rays like Ratatouille, and colorful games like Viva Pinata 2 on the Xbox 360. Yet thanks to the new colour control element of the Perfect Pixel HD system, despite being emphatically rich, colours are also engagingly and consistently natural. The 47PFL9603D is a supremely clever, gorgeously designed, feature-laden and high performance TV, just like all the other sets in Philips’ current 9 Series range. And so it’s still a fine specimen of a premium TV.