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Philips 42PFL7704D, 47PFL7704D, 52PFL7704D | 7000 Series

Philips 42PFL7704DNew for 2009, Philips have introduced the 6000 and 7000 series to the market. I will talk about the more impressive 7000 series in this post. The Philips 7000 series covers the larger sizes of the market, with three LCD HDTVs ranging from 42-inches to 52-inches.

The highend HDTVs look very impressive with a very thin bezel, and a stylish rounded acrylic edge finish, along with a very slim design. The frame is 45% thinner than previous models, allowing the 42-inch model to take the same space as an older 37-inch model.

Available as the 42-inch Philips 42PFL7704D, 47-inch Philips 47PFL7704D, and the 52-inch Philips 52PFL7704D. All three models feature a full HD / 1080p LCD panel, with impressive specifications, and new technology such as “Halo-Free”. Halo-Free technology removes the common fair halo which accompanies fast moving action scenes.

Philips 42PFL7704D

The Philips 7000 series feature 120Hz ClearLCD with an ultra fast 2ms response time, which along with Halo Free, significantly reduces motion blur and image judder, giving you sharp, crisp and smooth flowing HD images. The Philips Perfect Pixel HD engine enhances the image quality even further, by enhancing contrast, reducing noise, and more to deliver the best image quality.

The HDTVs are also very Eco-Friendly, exceeding the Energy Star 3.0 rating by an average of 24 percent. DivX playback is supported via a USB 2.0 port, a 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs are featured.  All three models in the Philips 7000 series are due for release this July.

Philips 7000 Series

  • Philips 42PFL7704D | 42-Inch, $1,499
  • Philips 47PFL7704D | 47-Inch, $1,799
  • Philips 52PFL7704D | 52-Inch, $2,299