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Philips 40PFL9904 | Aurea 2009

Philips_40PFL9904Philips have just announced their third generation Aurea HDTV for 2009.

The Philips 40PFL9904 also known simply as the new Aurea keeps it’s same signature features, such as the transparent “active frame” with Ambilight Spectra, full glass front and distinctive design.

The latest third generation Aurea now features 250 LEDs in the Acrive frame, for a “exact” Ambilight color matching with what is being displayed on the screen. There is also a seamless transition between the screen and the 8mm Ambilight Active frame.

As you would expect from a highend HDTV the Philips 40PFL9904H features a Full HD / 1080p LCD resolution, and LED backlighting, saving upto 40% in energy costs.

The 40PFL9904′s screen has a very fast response time of just 2ms, this along with 100Hz Clear LCD technology doubles the frame rate, and eliminates any motion blur of image judder from fast moving or panning scenes.

Philips 40PFL9904

Other features include Perfect Pixel HD Engine, and a very high 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for deep blacks and vivid colors. New features include Philips Net TV, with built in WiFi, giving you access to the Internet without needing to drag an Ethernet cable across your living room.

The special Aurea remote control has unique pear design, with a slider feature giving access to primary keys and is backlit for use in a dimmed room.

The Philips 40PFL9904 is “coming soon”.