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Philips 37PF5521D Reviewed

Philips 37PF5521DThe Philips 37PF5521D is a 37-inch LCD HDTV with a reasonable price tag. 37-inch HDTVs are becoming more and more popular as they sit right between the (maybe a little small for your room) 32-inch set and the giant room grabbing 42-inch. The 37-inch 37PF5521D is currently just over £650 ($1200), which is a great price for a brand named LCD this size. There are 2x HDMI inputs, component, scart, s-video, and audio out for a separate audio system. unfortunately there is no VGA input for PC connection, so you will have to use one of the HDMI inputs via a DVI-HDMI adapter (and of course have DVI output on your PC).
TrustedReviews has reviewed the 37PF5521D where they say native resolution is an HD Ready 1,366 x 768, the claimed brightness is a normal 500cd/m2, and the contrast ratio claim is actually pretty good at 1600:1.

However, we stressed that the 37PF5521D’s colours look great with HD for the simple reason that they don’t look so hot with some standard definition sources, as slightly dubious shades of green, red and skin tones creep into play with some regularity.

We perfectly understand that Philips has had to make compromises with the Philips 37PF5521D to hit its eye-catchingly low price point. The problem is simply that the compromises affect performance too deeply to make the TV an easy recommendation, especially if – as seems likely – you’ll be wanting to watch quite a bit of standard definition footage on it.