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Philips 32PFL7602D, 19PFL5602D

Philips 32PFL7602DPhilips have announced two very nice sleek looking, Ivory colored LCD HDTVs, which they are calling future proof. Available as the 32-inch 32PFL7602D, or the smaller 19-inch 19PFL5602D, both offer 2x HDMI inputs, Virtual Dolby Surround, and an integrated Digital DVB-T tuner allowing you to easily tune in to signals without the need of an external decoder box.

The Philips 32PFL7602D has even more to offer with the inclusion of Digital Natural Motion (DNI), with is a high 100Hz frame rate technology to remove image judder than can be seen on some LCDs and also makes fast moving scenes very clear and sharp. Pixel Plus 2 HD, image enhancement provides the best sharpness and details with vivid colours and smoothness by adjusting every individual pixel on the screen.

No pricing, release date or other information is currently available on the Philips 32PFL7602D and the 19PFL5602D.