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Philips 32PFL7562D Reviewed

Philips 32PFL7562DLCD HDTVs have dropped in price dramatically over the last year, and a decent sized 32-inch HDTV can be had for under £600. The Philips 32PFL7562D currently costs £580 or less (check below), from the well known Philips brand. Often cheaper HDTVs have many features cut from the model to reduce costs and ultimately image quality, the 32PFL7562D doesn’t seem to of had too much cut from it, and offers a good specification.

First off, the Philips 32PFL7562D is a 32-inch LCD HDTV with a smart black gloss finish, offering a 1366×768 pixel resolution screen for both 720p and 1080i HD formats, 4000:1 contrast ratio and 550cd/m2 brightness. The 32PFL7562D’s connections offer up two all important HDMI inputs, PC VGA (via component) input, component, 2x scart, s-video, composite, audio inputs and outs, and a USB port which allows playback of JPEG, MP3, LPCM and MPEG1/2 files.

Even though the 32PFL7562D is not one of the more expensive models from Philips, the 32PFL7562D still offers Pixel Plus 2 HD processing engine and Active Control which help to improve both SD and HD image quality, along with Digital Natural Motion which used a very fast frame rate and interpolates extra frames to reduce juddering and motion blur. TrustedReviews looked at the Philips 32PFL7562D and say, the colours are portrayed with great intensity and brightness without letting tones become cartoon like, even when dealing with tricky fare such as the skin tones. Pixel Plus 2 raises standard definition pictures to something at least half way to high definition, while high definition pictures look pin sharp and full of all the subtle texturing and extra clarity that makes the HD format so appealing. Over all the Philips 32PFL7562D give you great HDTV which easily outperforms its price point.