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Panasonic TH-50PZ750U, TH-58PZ750U, TH-65PZ750U

Panasonic TH-58PZ750UPanasonic has a very impressive 1080p (Full HD) plasma line up for 2007, including their top of the line PZ750U series which consists of a 50-inch TH-50PZ750U, 58-inch TH-50PZ750U, and the newly announced 65-inch Panasonic TH-65PZ750U.
All have a native 1920x1080p resolution plasma screen for the highest HD formats a feature Studio Reference Mode which helps to provide the consumer with the exact color reproduction as seen on the reference monitors used in the film editing studios, which means you will see the exact same colors and expression intended by the film makers themselves. Another feature of the Panasonic PZ750U series is the pro setting mode which allows the user to professionally calibrate the fine picture settings of the set to achieve the optimal viewing experience in your environment.

The plasma screen has an anti-reflective coating for cutting down on distracting screen reflections, while the sets have built in NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners, and H.264 HD movie playback from SD memory cards. All sets have three HDMI inputs with EZ-Sync and also feature Gallery Player.

  • Panasonic TH-50PZ750U – 50-inch, 1080p plasma, June, $3999
  • Panasonic TH-58PZ750U – 58-inch, 1080p plasma, June, $5499
  • Panasonic TH-65PZ750U – 65-inch, 1080p plasma, September