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Panasonic 11-Series Plasma

Panasonic have today announced the Series 11 Plasma over in Germany. The series starts with a 42-inch TH-42PH11EK/ES, and 50-inch TH-50PH11EK/ES. The 42-inch model has a 1,024 x 768 resolution, while the 50-inch has a 1,366 x 768 resolution. Read more

Panasonic PZ850 Series | TH-46PZ850U, TH-50PZ850U, TH-58PZ850U

Panasonic Viera PZ850 SeriesThe Panasonic PZ850 Series isn’t just an ordinary Plasma series, it’s one of the first to be “web-enabled” aka Viera Cast, which provides access to some of the most popular website on the Internet today such as YouTube, Bloomberg and Google Picasa web album. This new flagship line should also be a hit with the videophile, with great specifications and featuring enhanced contrast ratios, faster response times (reducing motion blur) and deeper blacks. Read more

Panasonic TX-32LZD85 Reviewed

Panasonic TX-32LZD85Panasonic is doing a great job this year with it’s new range of LCD HDTVs, and the very well impressive and well priced Panasonic TX-32LZD85 stands out well. The TX-32LZD85 has some more advanced features over Panasonic’s lower end models, such as the high 100Hz refresh rate which cuts down on motion blur and image judder, while increasing image sharpness and detail by adding in extra frames. Read more

Panasonic TH-103PF10UK | 103-Inch HDTV

Panasonic TH103PF10UK (TH-103PF10UK)Looking for a big HDTV?, and I mean a very very big HDTV? Then you can look no further than the brand new 103-inch plasma HDTV, the Panasonic TH-103PF10UK. This massive plasma screen of course has a full 1080p HD resolution and a whole bunch of improvements over the previous model. This 103-inch plasma hdtv comes from Panasonic’s 10-series of plasmas. Read more

Panasonic TH-58PZ750U Reviewed

Panasonic TH-58PZ750UPanasonic’s very impressive plasma line up consists of their top of the line flagship TH-PZ750U series of rather large plasma HDTVs. In the series are three large size plasmas; a 50, 58 and 65-inch sizes screen. The Panasonic TH-58PZ750U is their middle sized screen offering a still very large 58-inches, and a full HD plasma screen offering a 1920×1080 pixel resolution for the highest hd format avaliable. Read more

Panasonic TH42PX700 Reviewed

Panasonic TH42PX700There is still a market for plasma screens out there as they typically offer deeper black levels than the competing LCD HDTV screens, and many people believe they offer an over all better image. The Panasonic TH42PX700 builds on their popular PX70 range, the new PX700 model offers an improved sound system and an extra HDMI input, brining the total to a useful three. Read more

Panasonic TH-58PZ700U Reviewed

Panasonic TH-58PZ700UThe Panasonic TH-58PZ700U is a very large 58-inch plasma set which offers full hd / 1080p screen and a sleek, great looking design. The TH-58PZ700 has received great reviews and remarks from proud owners of the large plasma set. For a large set this size, the benefit of the 1080p higher pixel resolution of 1920×1080 can defiantly be noticed over the standard 720p (1366×768 pixels) HD format. Read more

Panasonic TX-32LXD700 Reviewed

Panasonic TX-32LXD700Panasonic LCD HDTVs always tend to receive great reviews, so when you’re looking at their top of the line “flagship” model, you can expect to be very impressed. The Panasonic TX-32LXD700 is a 32-inch LCD HDTV with a 1366×768 pixel resolution, a very high 8,500:1 contrast ratio for great colors, and great features. Read more

Panasonic TH-42PZ77, TH-50PZ77 | PZ77 Series

Panasonic TH-42PZ77Panasonic has introduced two new 1080p plasma HDTVs from their new PZ77 series. Currently available in two sizes, the 42-inch TH-42PZ77 and the larger 50-inch TH-50PZ77 are both full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixel resolution) plasma display for the highest HD format and feature a high 10,000:1 contrast ratio for great colors and an anti-glare screen coating. Read more

Panasonic LCZ70 Series

The Panasonic LCZ70 Series is the second series of rear projection HDTVs that use Panasonic’s LIFI lamp technology which enables the set to have an extremely long lifetime, where the lamp will not need to be replaced over time at a costly expense. Read more

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